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Михаил о Pulsar Apex XD Купил тепловизионный прицел Pulsar Apex xd Заказывал с доставкой до Тюмени, через 4 дня после оформления заказа прицел был уже у .  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Пользоваться скайпом можно без установки программы на компьютер в который можно зайти через браузер и спокойно пообщаться в скайпе. Очень простой и довольно удобный сервис. Помогите переделать предложения из прямой речи в косвенную - обсуждение на форуме Native English. Это держало шарик на месте и препятствовало тому чтобы тетива проскочила через шарик. Я вообще не был уверен будет ли это работать, когда я начинал, и был удивлен тому что это действительно работает!

Posted on April 29, by welcometowonderland. Thank you so much! Walkthroughs may be a little confusing because of the sheer amount of choices and paths, but just let me know if you have any questions. I have not changed any answers in the walkthroughs for Caramia, Kyrie, and Axel, but I moved some spots where you should make save files to correspond with the love triangles. No changes were made with the rest of the characters.

Can I rename my heroine? How do I obtain all CGs? You must obtain all endings bolded in each walkthrough to obtain all CGs. What are the different types of endings? Did you say Love Triangle endings!? The rival of the love triangle will be determined by whomever has the second highest affection. These two characters will be the ones in your triangle, and the one highlighted in red is the one with the highest affection.

Always spend Sundays with Caramia and choose answers in his favor. If you do this correctly, you will receive a confession from Caramia, and Kyrie will become the rival. You will also get CGs for hopping over to the rival as well as rejecting the rival.

How do I unlock Hamelin? Thank you niuniuzheng for this tip! Is there a suggested route order?

How do I get the Epilogue? First, you need to get at least one ending for each character. After that, click on the book Fuka is holding on the title screen. How do I get the Grand Ending?

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You need see all endings for all characters AND view the Epilogue above. Are there any extra content that are included after the first playthrough?

If you go through the game again including when the game branches into specific character routes , there will be some extra scenes scattered throughout the story.

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  • Caramia — Sorry — Okay! I had so much fun playing this game.


    It has been such a long time since I last played an otome game. I spent the last couple of days playing this… The route of the Oz guys was the best…. Kind of hated Sou after everything… his ending was awful and I just wanted to take a gun and kill him from the start. Caeser was the character that surprised me…. Just thanks for this walkthrough!

    I was even able to view the Grand Epilogue?! Good job! You should try Fata Morgana. But, its not an Otome, Also did you see my Secret Pets question? Thank you!! On the other hand, I think the game stands out because of all the NTR, haha!

    Axel is such a darling! Liked him and Caesar the most. Thank you for the thorough walkthrough! Oh Secret Pets just showed up on steam, all these forbiddenlove games showing up xD Was that one good? Those missing CGs are from the love triangle routes, which are now uploaded on each walkthrough for the Oz guys as of last night! I missing the bottom right CG with Caramia shirtless, I think?

    I tried following the Axel rejection route, but I am not getting anything new.


    I think I told you the wrong CG, orz;;;;; are you missing the bottom left on the first page of others? I am missing the bottom left CG on the other category. I am just glad to be of some help. Plus you did an awesome job already with these walkthroughs, helping people with what little I know, feels great. I want more of these Otome games to come to the west and bloggers, guides and walkthrough-ers like yourself are what makes everyone that much more comfortable with beating them and looking to get another to satisfy that craving hehe.

    I hope this helped! I was able to get the missing triangles as well as the rejections. Without receiving any confessions, you see a sleeping Hamelin, and regardless of whether you try to ignore him or not, the protagonist chooses to help him and ends up on his route. I really appreciate your help ;w;. Hey there! A or b, or does it not really matter? There is a part that has been giving me difficulty, but I finally got past it.

    Choose to spend Sundays with the person you are going to transfer from, and during the everyday interactions you gain favor with the person you are going to switch to. There will be a moment where you will be able to either stay with the original choice or transfer to the other person you gained favor with. For example, if you were to start with Kyrie and transfer to Axel, you would choose to spend time with Kyrie on Sundays and during the rest of the weekdays you choose options that would make Axel happy.

    Then you will continue up to a point where a rivalry occurs, in this case between Kyrie and Axel.


    Now the choices at this point are rather obvious, if you wish to remain with Kyrie, stay loyal and answer in ways to gain favor with him. On the other hand if you wish to switch to Axel, choose the options that neglect Kyrie. This applies to all of them, pretty much. Going this route will have you continue with Caramia, gaining a new CG. As you can see you stay with his likes, loyal to his feelings, believing in him. Meanwhile not doing so has you transfer.


    Similar goes for the rest of the love triangles. I hope this helps, I know it drove me nuts not knowing what I needed done. Ohhh I had no idea!! Did you unlock the one with Caramia and the MC cheating on him with Kyrie or not? Ehehe thank you! I think I figured it out, but then I passed out last night, hahaha. Sooo, you precious thingy because you so are?!

    As in, Caramia has one for switching from Axel, switching from Kyrie, pure love with Kyrie as rival, and pure love with Axel as rival. Same with the two others.

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    No worries at all; I enjoy talking to you!! I feel like Hamelin is up my alley, so I wish there were more of him. Mostly, I feel sorry for him TwT. Dorian is also very much my type I like a lot of ossan characters, hehe , but the more I progressed into the brothel route, I was just so!!!!!!!!

    We could have had it all, haha. I wanted to go back to playing Fire Emblem TwT.

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    I was hoping for yuri, oh well. But at least she has a personality unlike Amenisa girl. Oh I forgot Ougiya was out! I was waffling between getting the steam version or mobile since I played mobile for Kikuya when it was announced, and then I completely forgot about it, haha.

    I really enjoyed Kikuya; I like the role switch of Yoshiwara district. But the art is really pretty!

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  • Though this game seems to have a lot of mixed reactions, haha. There was someone who commented on my post who was super livid over Hanbei because I had told someone else maybe they should start with Hanbei first or something like that , and they went off on how Hanbei was about emotional blackmail, and I was just like, omg.

    There are three Forbidden Romance games I have on steam.

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  • How are these three compared? I enjoyed playing the Forbidden Romance games, namely Gyakuten Yoshiwara! I know someone is married. Seeing that you have a guide for it I may try it again. That and the Forbidden Romance games on Steam.

    Which Otome game on Steam would you recommend next? I need something after I finish up Tokyo Babel. Ah, so there is no reason to do Caramia transfer on both routes?

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